Jarosław Morawski


I am an all-around designer who is passionate about putting together things that work 💪️. I graduated from University of Wrocław in 2016 🎓, but started working in the industry long before that. Among others, I was a part of one of Poland's biggest technology blogs, an online luxury design magazine, and a multilingual software house that worked with different clients from all around the globe 🌍.

Currently I am designing things at Holy Sheep 🐑, a brilliant branding studio from Wrocław, Poland. Together we build unique and market-ready brands that stand out from the crowd.

My job is mostly thinking 🤔. I start with research to identify and understand the right problems both from design and business perspective. Then I investigate possible solutions and turn them into processes, workflows, and working prototypes 🛠️. If necessary, I add a bit of visual flair.

I strip the excessive to focus on the important 🆙: ease of use, understanding, and usefulness. I like things „normal”. For some that means boring but to me it's the state when things work so well that they become transparent. I believe that research, communication, and simplicity are what make a timeless and truly useful design💡.

Elsewhere, I enjoy playing role-playing video games 🎮, watching TV shows 🍿, and reading science-fiction novels 🚀. There was a time when I would collect detailed dinosaur figures 🦖🦕 but that stopped when I began to simplify my habits and overall lifestyle.

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Notable projects

Naming, visual identity & website for a friendly software house.

Na Raz!
Seeking solution to a problem of food waste in one-person households.

Moment 0
110-page printed zine that tells stories about creative young people.

Book covers
Collection of book covers which drown out the noise, grid style.


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